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SkyOnn is a Global IT Solutions company providing solutions that best suit your business. We not just have knowledge, experience and skills but the ATTITUDE to deliver solutions 100% every time.

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SkyOnn is India’s fastest growing IT Solutions Company with 15 years of hands on experience. We have business presence in India, UK and USA.


We have several job openings for individuals with expertise across a wide range of skills. For a snapshot of the skill sets, IT Solutions , IT Sales.


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Clients know us as a perfect partner for providing a range of IT services and solutions. With our enviable suite of capabilities, we help clients find relevant, focused and business – enhancing solutions. Our people and engagements help clients create manageable, robust, cost effective organizations.

From basic consulting solutions to integrated thinking – driven initiatives, we have been a provider of choice for global players like Wipro, Vodafone Cap Gemini and more. Our suite of capabilities are well organized, adaptive and have the flexibility to scale up ,down or sideways depending on the dynamics of the client and their businesses. We have Business Groups which are aligned for sustained delivery and seamless response loops. We do all this and more by our strong focus on people and the right fit strategy. With a deep commitment to growing, training and nurturing employees we provide them with a continuous flow of client – facing programs and engagements. Diversity, equal opportunity and transparency best describe our ‘people culture’.

In our enviable list are several Fortune 1000 companies and some strong, emerging players.


Ambitious? Routine-seeking? Love Intense engagement? Goal-Focused?Onsite-ready? Diligent and master of details? People –friendly? The way we see it, any or all of these qualities will help us. Moreover, your type apart, what is relevant is how best you can add value to the client’s business. Increase our clients’ ROI, strengthen our positive perceptions and deliver without compromises are the plain and simple needs of SkyOnn. Ours is an environment of openness, with the freedom to grow, supplemented by rewards that come with being responsible.