Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Smart businesses know they cannot ignore mobile anymore. With the near-ubiquitous adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices, the divide between customers and employees, in terms of mobile adoption, has disappeared. Your customers are using mobile in their interactions with your business, of course. But so is your workforce, including employees from the typically non-mobile sections.

To remain relevant and compete effectively in the marketplace, revamping business processes to factor in mobile must be your critical priority. SkyOnn can help you take care of this priority and more.

With the cutting-edge enterprise mobility solutions from SkyOnn you’ll be able to not only come at-par with tech-savvy businesses that have already enabled mobility, but also function at highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. Tailored for your enterprise, our intelligent,  innovative mobility solutions empower you to reach out to customers more effectively through contextual data. They empower you to surpass the traditional boundaries of fixed location or office-hours, respond in real-time, be more collaborative and provide greater value to both internal and external customers. And, to put it in one crisp sentence, they empower you to unlock the full potential of the disruptive innovation that’s mobile!

Why us?

Bringing enterprise applications and services to mobile is no mean feat. You can trust none but the best to provide robust and effective enterprise mobility solutions that can rightly meet the complex challenges of mobile implementation. And that’s why us!

A reputed and trusted vendor of enterprise mobility solutions, we have pioneered the use of innovative tools and services to create winning enterprise mobility strategies and meet your mobility goals. Our deep-domain knowledge, profound experience and client-centric approach make us the vendor of choice in diverse industries ranging from banking and finance to insurance and more.

In addition, our enterprise mobility solutions are fool-proof in meeting challenges such as:

  • Security and privacy threats We understand you are concerned about the privacy and security of sensitive corporate data and information. Our mobility solutions address these concerns through robust mobile device management and comprehensive security measures, ensuring personal mobile devices do not turn into security leaks.
  • Diminished usability Our solutions cater to diverse range of mobile platforms and user interfaces ensuring usability among people using different mobile devices does not reduce. We seamlessly integrate mobile applications and services with key back-end systems in your enterprise (say web services or customer relationship management) to boost usability and productivity even further. We also excel in conducting real-time testing of mobile apps on simulators and real devices to boost usability even further.
  • Poor performance Poor technology choices on the part of the mobility-solution provider have ruined mobility for many organizations. With SkyOnn, you can rest assured that won’t happen to your enterprise. We understand and know how to handle the different requirements of and complexities within the mobile ecosystem. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and our expert working knowledge in the field, we help you function at high-performance, both during and after mobile adoption.
  • Poor enterprise management Mobility is a complete paradigm shift and needs to be treated as such. At SkyOnn, we help you initiate and manage these changes effectively. From designing mobile-driven business models and processes to handling changes in infrastructure, IT governance structure to creating thorough compliance guidelines – we help you meet all challenges cost and time-effectively.
  • The SkyOnn promise: From helping you make a case for investing in enterprise mobility before executive management, to creating a mobile vision for your organization, developing a mobility blueprint and implementing it successfully – we work with you full time, from start to finish, so that you can maximize your mobile-implementation ROI at each step.

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