Cloud Services

Cloud is one of the foremost of technologies that comes to mind when you think of groundbreaking technologies that have had a ripple effect around the globe this decade. It has become an integral part of most businesses today, making many of us wonder how we managed to get things done around the workplace before cloud technology existed. Cloud technology has had a pivotal role in stringing together big data and mobile technology, while it has also eased out administration, security and risk management with businesses.

Many small and mid-sized businesses are adopting cloud to drastically cut down their IT budgets that were otherwise spent on non-core business platforms and applications, while major established businesses are seeking cloud for the sheer flexibility it offers. Cloud has given businesses the lenience to access any data or information, anytime, anywhere, allowing business transactions and communications to take place while they are on the move across the continent.

Why us?

Choosing the right cloud solutions provider can not only help leverage your resources to the best effect, but also cut down your expense budget drastically. SkyOnn  has had years of experience in cloud operations across a diverse number of industries. This is what gives us an edge when it comes to advising you on the most adept cloud solution for your business that can help optimize workflow and operations.  There are many advantages to picking SkyOnn  as your cloud solution provider, some of them being:

  • Easy migration: SkyOnn  can help break down the various nuances of cloud so you can easily migrate to the platform for a more reliable and better performance. We make sure that we through the process throughout the cloud adoption lifespan from architecture to design, implementation, monitoring and managing 24/7.
  • Strategic solutions: We can assist you in pinning down the right strategies so you are able to appreciate quick results when you adopt cloud. Our cloud technicians implement an organized approach while evaluating your business’ cloud needs by assessing the processes, policies, applications and infrastructure elements that are prevalent and are to be included. Our shortened development cycles allow us to speedily develop applications that integrate the operational blocks together. We offer a range of infrastructure management and cloud applications and services that can be implemented to ease the workflow and enhance your customer service.
  • Scalability: Aside from implementing the best practices in the industry, SkyOnn  can also help you align your cloud solutions as and when you scale up/down your business while keeping the expenses in check. Our cloud solutions come with the guarantee of maximum uptime and very little scope for downtime.
  • Security: At SkyOnn, we understand how critical security concerns can be with respect to business cloud infrastructures. Incidences of some of the biggest players in the market being subjected to cyber attack, has certainly got businesses raise the red flag when it comes to cloud. SkyOnn  is geared at offering cloud solutions with effective cloud security strategies, so your business is not vulnerable to cyber threats or attacks.

Get ready to transform your business with SkyOnn ’s strategic cloud solutions!